Blu Marlin The Best Coffee in Cairns

Blu Marlin - Best Coffee in Cairns

AboutOur Amazing Coffee

We know how important coffee is and that’s why we strive everyday to provide you with the best coffee available in Cairns.
Our coffee is smooth, velvety and slightly more bitter than other brands making it a delicious and unique brew.

We serve all the warm classics like: cappuccino, flat white, long black, espresso, macchiato, hot chocolate and mocha. Did you know that we also serve a delicious chai and turmeric latte?

Like to be adventurous or try something different? Make sure to ask our barista to add vanilla, hazelnut or caramel syrup to your coffee to spice up your next brew!


Blu MarlinThe Best Iced Coffee in Cairns

Being in the tropics you may prefer a cold beverage from time to time instead.
That’s why we also offer a wide range of iced coffees. Have you already tried our iced coffee with ice cream which is a local favourite! We also serve an iced long black and iced latte.

All of our coffees are designed to suit any dietary requirement so please make sure to ask our Barista to make your coffee with either full-, skim-, soy-, almond-, oat milk or lactose free milk.


Blu MarlinAll About our amazing Coffee Beans.

Our Coffee Beans are a three origin blend coming from Brazil, Ethiopia and India.
The coffee is then sent to NSW to be roasted by wood fire to give its intense and exotic flavour which compliments the Tropical Climate that Cairns has to offer.
The flavour profile of this blend is earthy, dark chocolatey with hints of fresh walnut.

The great thing about this blend is that it goes really well with or without milk. We pride ourselves with serving the best coffee in Cairns as we compliment the coffee with the best local milk that is available.

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